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Propane: What Is It And Should You Convert From Oil?

by Kelly Roberts

Is your oil burner on its last legs? If so, before you invest in having a new one installed, you may want to consider eliminating your oil burner all together and replacing it with a propane tank.

You've never considered propane before and you're not sure that it's the best choice for you and your home? You're not even really sure what propane is? Well then, you have come to the right place! Here's an introduction to this source of energy and why you might want to seriously consider using it to fuel your home instead of oil:

What is Propane?

Propane is a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) that is used as an energy source to fuel vehicles, businesses and homes. It is considered a fossil fuel because it is derived from natural gas and petroleum, which are both made up of the remains of sea animals and plants that are millions of years old. Over years of exposure to high amounts of heat and pressure, the remains of these animals and plants were transformed into natural gas and petroleum deposits, and these deposits became trapped under rocks in the sea.

What are the Benefits of Propane Over Oil?

Before you make the commitment to switch from oil to propane, you probably want to know if this fossil fuel is more beneficial than oil. In fact, propane does offer a several benefits over oil:

  • It is more environmentally friendly, as it produces 24% less carbon dioxide than oil when it is burned.
  • Propane boilers are easier to maintain, as they don't require regular cleaning like oil burners do.
  • This gas can be used to power a variety of things in your home, including your heaters, your water ranges and even your clothes dryer.
  • It's more cost effective than oil. The price of propane per gallon is generally less than the price of oil (do note that prices of propane, like oil, do fluctuate.) Propane burners are less expensive than oil burners, and they are less expensive to maintain.

Is Propane Right for You?

There are factors that you should be taken into consideration when determining if propane is a better option for your needs than oil. For example, you should consider the heat that propane produces per gallon versus oil and the efficiency of a propane system over an oil system. To determine if switching from oil to propane is the right choice for you, discuss your needs with a reputable propane supplier.

Given the advantages of propane, it is definitely worth considering using it to power your home instead of oil. To learn more, contact a company like Northwest Propane LLC.