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Heating Oil: 3 Ways It's Becoming Increasingly Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

by Kelly Roberts

Some proponents of clean energy often suggest that oil is one of the least environmentally-friendly forms of energy, when in fact the large majority of heating oil producers in the country have gone to considerable lengths to ensure that their operations are as "green" as possible. Following are three ways that domestic heating oil production companies have made oil extraction and consumption one of the most sustainable forms of energy to date.

Emissions Control Generators

Many heating oil suppliers have recently incorporated emissions control generators into their operations to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions associated with oil production. These generators essentially collect gas that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere, where many believe it contributes to the degradation of the ozone layer and facilitates global warming.

Instead, generators trap this gas—a byproduct of the oil production process—and allow suppliers to repurpose it for energy needs. As such, not only do these generators reduce carbon emissions, but the energy they produce also helps reduce our reliance on other sources of fuel. 

Installation Of Pump-Off Controllers

Another change in operations that has substantially increased heating oil sustainability is the introduction of pump-off controllers. A pump-off controller is designed to ensure that production operations are only conducted when they meet a preset standard of efficiency. In other words, if a given oil pump is only pumping, say, ten gallons per minute, but is designed to pump at fifteen gallons per minute, the pump will shut down.

The primary benefit of this component is to conserve unnecessarily wasted energy during production. Many heating oil production companies understand that continuing operations when equipment is operating at suboptimal efficiencies is simply wasteful. In lieu of that consideration, many companies have installed these pump-off controllers to help ensure the conservation of finite natural resources.

Electric Drilling

Perhaps the biggest shift in oil production operations is the move from fuel-powered machinery to electric-powered machinery. You might think that there isn't much being accomplished here, as producers are simply replacing fuel consumption with electricity consumption.

However, it's important to remember that electricity consumption doesn't increase carbon dioxide emissions, while fuel production and consumption most certainly does. In switching from fuel to electric powered drilling equipment, heating oil producers are helping to bolster the sustainability of an industry traditionally characterized as wasteful and pollutive.

In all, heating oil production companies have taken drastic steps toward reducing their carbon dioxide emission, helping to transform the industry into a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly one with the use of emission control generators, pump-off controllers, and electric drilling equipment. 

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