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Investing In A Solar Energy System: How The Panels Generate Electricity Using The Sun

by Kelly Roberts

Are you tired of wondering how you will keep your electricity on each time you are in a financial bind? If you invest in solar panels, you will no longer have to rely on an electric company. In this article, learn how solar panels are able to provide a home with electricity by using natural sunlight.

How are Solar Panels Able to Generate Electricity Using the Sun?

The most important aspect of solar panels for generating electricity is the photovoltaic cells covering them. The cells are able to produce electricity from photons that are generated by sunlight. When the photons hit the cells, the electrons and atoms are then divided. It is the electrons that are captured inside of solar panels that make it possible for your home to receive electricity.

However, simply having solar panels sitting on your roof will not give you electricity. It is necessary for the metal conductive plates on the solar panels to be connected to the electrical wiring in your house before you will see results. Once the conductive plates are connected to the wiring, the electrons in the panels will flow through to power up your electronics.

You must keep in mind that the efficiency of solar panels will depend on what kind of system you invest in. You will want a solar system with a large amount of kilowatts if you intend on using it as your sole means of electricity. Your options for a solar system are varied, as you can invest in solar panels that sit on the roof or a system that is mounted to the ground. Both system types should be efficient as long as the panels have good contact with the sun.

What is the Estimated Price of Solar Panels?

You can end up paying as little as $10,000 for a solar energy system that provides 1 kilowatt of electricity to your home. However, a solar energy system of a more powerful scale (5 kilowatts) can run as much as $45,000. Just keep in mind that you will no longer have to pay an electric bill with a powerful solar system, so the investment could be worth it.

Get your electricity the natural way by investing in a solar energy system for the power demands of your home. Not having to worry about your lights getting turned off for not paying the electric bill can be a big stress reliever. Contact a solar energy system contractor like AMI Energy / 1800 Solar USA so you can begin taking advantage of natural electricity!